Good ol' SSH

Some new things I've learned.

I've recently started using a Mac as my primary computer. It's been a fairly easy transition as most everything I work on is already *nix based and the majority of the software I use is cross-platform.

One thing I did miss was PuTTY. Mostly because I could easily save sessions and invoke them with "putty -load whatever". Meanwhile, invoking SSH manually in Terminal was a pain.

Well, that turned out to be quite an easy fix. How is it that I never knew about ssh-config? Merely create a "~/.ssh/config" file and put in:

Host whatever
    User      myuser

Now you can just "ssh whatever" from a Terminal window. What a relief!

Next, I used to make use of "plink" as a local proxy command in PuTTY to create a tunnel through a firewall for work.

How do you do this with regular SSH? Well, Google returns lots of results on how to use the ProxyCommand ssh-config option along with netcat, but that didn't work for me. Netcat wasn't installed on the firewall.

As it turns out, and I don't know why this was so hard to find, SSH has netcat built in. So instead of doing something like this:

Host whatever
    User          myuser
    ProxyCommand  ssh nc %h %p

Just replace the last line with this:

    ProxyCommand  ssh -W %h:%p

It does the same thing, just doesn't require netcat. And it works great!

David BennettSoftware Designer